Keep Your Cash

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Citi Dividend Rewards Card 5% Rebate

I have the Citi Dividend Platinum Select MasterCard which gives me a 5% cash back for supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations. You get 1% back on everything else. The max you can get is $300 bucks a year. I've had it for about 5 years now. You get unlimited cash back if you sign up with their Rewards Mercahant Program and shop with them. They average about 5% cash back. Make sure you pay your card in full every month so they dont charge you the high rates.

It has no annual fee, and it pays you back in straight cash in the form of a check. You can get a check after you earn $50 in cash back. I just got my check for $63. The check can be requested via their website and it only takes about 5-7 buisness day for you to receive it in the mail. I've also very satisfied with Citibank's online website and customer service.

I use my card mainly for Gas,Supermarkets, drugstores and for their Gift Cards that you can buy from the Merchants program. The sign up is free.

Tip: Many supermarkets sell gift cards to other bigname retailers. Buy a gift card at a grocery store with this card and you get 5% cash back. you can also look at for more Master card codes and discounts when you use a Mastercard.

Warning: The card also offers a 0% balance transfer for 12 months. Do not use this card for purchases if you plan on getting a balance transfer. They will count your payments towards the 0% and charge you the high interest reate on your purchases.