Keep Your Cash

Friday, January 20, 2006

ING SAVE UP SALE PAYS 4.75% TILL 4/15/2006

Here's How It Works:

Deposits eligible for the Winter Save Up Sale
Only New Funds are eligible for the 4.75% APY. New Funds must:
  • Be from an external source
  • Be deposited into an Orange Savings Account
  • Be deposited any time between January 19, 2006 to April 15, 2006 – the Sale Period
  • Increase your total balances with ING DIRECT compared to your balances in all deposit accounts at the beginning of the Sale Period
4.75% Interest Calculation
To determine what portion of your Orange Savings Account balance will earn the 4.75% APY, during the Sale Period we add up all of your new deposits from an external source and then subtract all withdrawals from the account (whether internal or external) from that total. If that amount is greater than zero, it is eligible for the 4.75% APY. If an account is closed during the Sale Period, the 4.75% may not be earned for the entire period that the new funds were on deposit.

Accounts eligible for the Winter Save Up Sale
  • All new Orange Savings Accounts opened by new ING DIRECT Customers
  • All existing Orange Savings Accounts belonging to current
    ING DIRECT Customers

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