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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Top Bank Deals

Tired of receiving only .80% from your local bank, try the following online banks. They are able to offer higher rates due to the low overhead costs. I have all four accounts. Each has its advantages. The Paypal account is a money market account, not a savings account thus its not FDIC insured. HSBC, Emigrant and ING are all FDIC insured. The best web page and interface has to be ING Direct, but you pay for it with the lower rate. Ing Direct Offers mutuals funds also which you need 1000 to open but after that you can invest as often as you want with as little money as you want. HSBC and Emigrant are pretty much the same in my eyes, they are neck in neck as far as rates go. The thing I like about Emigrant Direct is that they post your money into your account the next day after you request a transfer. HSBC takes appox. a week to post to your account. I do transfer between all my account depending which rate pulls ahead.
All bank have no transfer fees, no penalties and a 1.00 min.

Bank APR Minimum Website
1.PayPal 4.30 $1 Paypal
2 HSBC Direct 4.25 $1 HSBC Direct
3 Emigrant Direct 4.00 $1 Emigrant Direct
4 ING Direct 3.80 $1 Ing Direct


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