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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Woot Deal of the Day Electronic Closeout Deals

Here a consumer electronics distributor unloads excess inventory of a single item each day at a steep discount. One day it could be a home theater system, the next a digital camera. This oddball approach has generated a cult following, which keeps the community forums abuzz with product reviews and other chatter.

Woot's motto is "One Day, One Deal". Generally, Woot offers one product per day, seven days a week, until its stock of that item is sold out or the product is replaced at midnight with the next offering. If a product sells out during its run, the next item still does not appear until midnight . Products are never announced beforehand and often sell out in a few hours or even minutes of frenzied buying. In contrast to a market characterized by ever-expanding consumer choice, the approach relies on the elements of simplicity and surprise.

Customers may buy up to three of the day's item. Woot does not reveal how many units remain available in a given sale, but animates the "I Want One" button when 10 percent or less remains. Woot does list how many products were available after they are sold out.

Shipping is a flat rate of $5.00 per order, regardless of quantity of items purchased, size and weight of purchase, or shipping destination in the USA


  • Been there done that...You need a lot of patience and you need to be lucky to get something you really wanted when they 'woot'. My BAD experience, too busy server when it wooted

    By Blogger GEOMATRYX, at 3:44 PM  

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