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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cashback and Reward Offers this year: $975

How much money have you made applying for offers and Rewards this year? So far I have made close to $1000 in cash and Gift cards. Here is a list of the offers and rewards I have accumulated so far this year. So far my credit score has not dropped, it actualy went up. My friends at work think that all this free money stuff I do is for the birds. I think of this money as a bonus for having a decent credit score. My score is not that great , but a little above average.

1. Citi Checking Account $200 Cash (Opening Account)
2. Citi Premier Pass Elite $150 in gift Cards (Opening Account)
3. Citi Diamond Reward $100 in Gift Cards (Opening Account)+ $200 ( Reward Gift Cards)
4. Citi Professional $100 in Gift Cards (Opening Account)
5. Citi Divedend $150 in Cash Back rewards
6. Unwired $20+$5
7. Fatcash $40
8. Creditcard $10


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