Keep Your Cash

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Is ACAS a BUY? It was for me.

A week ago I bought ACAS. American Capital is an equity partner in management and employee buyouts ; provides debt financing for buyouts led by private equity firms; and provides capital to private and public companies. I know that it is not a growth stock but low and steady wins the race in the long run. Currently they are paying 8.6% dividend and have and excellent DRIP program. They give you a 5% discount on the stock for Reinvested money.

$50,000 in Retirement by age 30

My short term goal is to accumulate 50k by January 29 regardless of the market. I plan to get married in March or April of next year so I want to reach this milestone while I am still single. I have approx. 39,300 in my 401K and Roth accounts. I just increased my contributions to my 401k to 15% and am $750 away from maxing my ROTH. I know its a lofty goal but I think that if I sacrifice now I will not have to do it when I have a mortgage payment, a wife and a couple of kids. What's your short term goal?

Friday, September 29, 2006

Emigrant Drops Rate to 5.05% on September 30

Is it time to start locking in your CD's? The general opinion is that the FED might do a rate cut during the first quarter of next year. Emigrant just dropped their rate, this may be a sign of what to expect from other rate leaders. I received an e-mail that said that effective September 30, 2006 the rate will drop to 5.05%. Bad news for all Emigrant Savers.